7 Brilliant Ways to Boost Contact Centre Morale

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Contact centre morale on a slippery, downward slope?

When it comes to boosting contact centre morale, some companies just consistently miss the mark. But, with a few simple, cheap techniques, you can cheer up any team – and spark a positive change.

1. Hold a charity fundraiser

Not only is a charity event great for teambuilding, it has the power to lift people’s moods as doing good makes us feel good. Plus, you’ll be raising money for whatever worthy cause – so this one’s win-win all round really.

2. Eradicate in-house emails!

Did you know that emails are proven to sap productivity and increase stress? In fact, studies show that 92 per cent of employees experienced a spike in blood pressure after reading an email in the office.

Now we know that not all emails can be binned. But encourage face-to-face communication by giving agents the freedom to get up and converse with one another. This also helps staff to feel more connected to their working environment, and not chained to the phone! Lose the in-house emails and watch contact centre morale move on up!

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a pick-me-up snack!

Having your management or team leaders handing out sweets or snacks is a cheap, quick and easy way to make staff smile.

Agents don’t have to leave their desks so it doesn’t impact Average Handling Time, but it’ll still boost morale.

4. Why not project photos from social events on to the wall?

A projector helps to add a little colour to the office (without ruining the walls!) and encourages staff to reminisce about fun times they’ve shared together. It also encourages bonding and teamwork – a sure-fire way to boost the social side of your entire team.

5. Consider adding a permanent splash of colour to the walls

And the rest of the office for that matter. Avoid stark, white walls and a drab environment. Creating a fun, engaging workspace has actually been proven to boost productivity – it just depends how wild you’re willing to go!

6. Use internal surveys to help understand agents’ needs

Internal surveys are a great resource for the management team, as they can help identify any trivial problems that need to be addressed. Suggestion boxes might sound a little trite, but these sorts of tools are the best way to gather staff opinion. Plus, they’re anonymous!

7. Invest in workforce management software

Workforce management will ensure that you have the right staff, with the right skills in place. Not only will this help you meet your business goals, it’ll increase productivity and morale by ensuring that staff are successful, and therefore happy, in their individual roles.

Workforce management also works wonders for helping your staff to achieve the correct work/life balance. This is particularly effective for roles that include shift work; for example, preventing staff members working early and late shifts intermittently.

The practice of sporadic shift work is heavily criticised, as it not only disrupts sleep patterns but also makes it difficult for an individual to see family or friends. Workforce management can help avoid these situations; something which staff will greatly appreciate. The best way to boost contact centre morale? Put your the needs of your staff first, with workforce management.


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