Benefits of Workforce Management Software vs. Manual Management

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Effective workforce management is a challenge that must be overcome in any large business – and can also be an important step towards growth for small to medium-sized firms, too.

But for many natural-born leaders, there is an understandable desire to retain direct control of management, rather than delegate or automate tasks.

This can be a counter-productive approach – because when you choose the right Workforce Management Software, you don’t lose control, you actually gain further command over your employees.

Daviker Workforce Management, for instance, allows you to plan ahead for each specific channel of interaction within your call centre.

Inbound and outbound calls, inbound and outbound SMS, social media, email and live chat can all be managed separately, with compatibility for tasks set up using Daviker’s TotalWorkFlow platform too.

This puts you in close control of each individual channel, as well as making it easier to see them all as part of a whole.

Daviker Workforce Management means you no longer face the risk of being understaffed in one particular skills area; the software can forecast how many staff you require with each skillset, so that you can schedule enough individuals to work at any given time.

The benefits of this are twofold; first, it means that you have enough people scheduled to work, as mentioned above, but second it also means that you do not have too many paid employees on shift at any one time.

As a consequence, you can save on staffing costs by as much as 30% in some cases, without damaging your performance on SLAs.

Beyond the simple savings, there’s also the stress-relief aspect of automating some of your essential management tasks.

This takes the burden off of managers who are unwilling to delegate, without relinquishing direct control.

Allow Daviker Workforce Management to continually collate statistical information about the performance of your workforce, and it will incorporate this into future forecasts.

This means that, whereas a human might begin to feel overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of performance data available to them, Daviker Workforce Management will get steadily even more accurate in its forecasts.

And while more data means more thinking time for humans, the software can process large quantities of information very quickly – so that your highly accurate forecasts and reports can be available within around 30 seconds, any time you want to manually check on how your call centre is performing.