The Benefits of Workforce Management in Call Centres

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Workforce Management is both a generic and specific term, and in general you can think of it as simply being about getting the best out of your call centre.

But as a specific discipline, Workforce Management is more of a science, and this can help you to raise your output and efficiency much higher than can be achieved through instinct alone.

Effective Workforce Management using Daviker’s software operates across all of your different channels at once, including inbound and outbound calls, email and social media, live website chat, SMS and so on.

This means your entire call centre is operating at maximum efficiency – driving the benefits of Workforce Management as high as possible.

Costs and Admin

Most call centre managers undoubtedly look to Workforce Management software to maximise profits, and this is achieved in several ways.

Daviker’s software not only improves your efficiency; it also directly reduces staffing costs, by ensuring you have the right number of employees, with the right skills, scheduled to work any given shift.

In this way, you are not paying for talented individuals to sit idle, due to overstaffing or an oversupply of any particular skill among your workforce, and this has possible cost savings of 30%.

At management level, admin tasks are reduced with automated and on-demand reporting to allow you to see quickly which parts of your call centre are meeting their targets, and which are not.

These reports can be shared with individual employees and with teams, allowing them to be used in progress reviews and in setting targets for the future.

Accuracy and Efficiency

It’s not just about automating reports; Daviker Workforce Management Software also improves the accuracy of projections, by analysing the whole call centre in close detail.

This means the decisions you make are based on the most detailed information possible, and that in turn helps them to have the maximum possible impact on your efficiency.

All reasonable expectations are incorporated into the software platform’s predictions, so you can add absences, swapped shifts and scheduled holidays into its database, and these will be reflected in the reports generated.

Benefits at all Levels

For managers, Daviker Workforce Management Software means less admin, faster and more accurate reports, and the right people scheduled to work at any given time.

For employees, the platform should be viewed as an ally, not an enemy; it identifies best practice, while helping less skilled individuals to focus on their best prospects for improvement.

In either case, Workforce Management Software reduces wasted time and wasted talent, and puts power in the hands of its users at all levels.