9 Reasons To Automate Workflow

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At Daviker TotalWorkFlow, we believe that automating your workflow is a must. And why wouldn’t we? It’s what we do. In today’s target driven working environment, it is crucial that as little time as possible is wasted on scheduling workflow, therefore, automating your workflow can help you alleviate the pressures of scheduling workflow whilst also managing to get tasks completed. Our TotalWorkFlow software provides you with a system that puts you in complete control of your business.

There are certain people who are still not certain that workflow automation can offer any real, measurable benefits, and that’s why we have put together our “9 Reasons To Choose Workflow Automation”. So here we go…

  • Reduce Operational Cost: – As your workflow will be automated, you all but eliminate the possibility of human errors and, subsequently, costs will be significantly reduced. The chance of tasks not being completed on time will reduce and even your weakest staff will work as well as your best.
  • Increase Productivity: – TotalWorkFlow minimises the impact of manual interventions and therefore increases productivity and allows for greater accuracy. Letters, forms, emails and even SMS texts are all produced automatically. As a result overall efficiency can be improved by 10-20%.
  • Increase Staff Visibility: – With workflow automation software, you can track the tasks of all of your staff in real time. Therefore, managers can identify the staff that are causing bottlenecks and divert the overflow to other staff. Furthermore, TotalWorkFLow will alert managers by email or SMS to tasks that are overdue.
  • Maximise Staff Performance: – You can build and refine any number of business processes so that all your staff become top performers, rather than having a single top performer.
  • Reduce Errors: – Having an automated workflow minimises the errors drafted into forms, emails and texts with a guarantee of reaching its recipient when it’s supposed to.
  • Reduce Staff Training: – Staff training time is reduced considerably with TotalWorkFlow meaning new starters feel comfortable sooner. Their performance can be monitored in real time and the software allows rapid intervention when necessary.
  • Improve Legislative Compliance: – TotalWorkFlow eliminates the meticulous record keeping of regulatory controls and quality systems. The Audit trials that record all activity ensure full compliance for FSA, OFT, ISO and the majority of Government systems.
  • Deliver The Right Information To The Right Staff At The Right Time: – Each task will arrive to each team member at the appropriate stage of the process. Staff will be advised when to do tasks and TotalWorkFlow will also prevent staff from doing things they shouldn’t be doing.
  • Repeatable Standards: – TotalWorkFlow gives a professional standard of repeatable working standards by using templates and data collection screens along with standard letters, emails and forms.

There you have it. Nine undeniable and proven benefits of workflow automation

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