6 Misconceptions About Cloud Contact Centres

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Despite the obvious advantages of cloud contact centres over incumbent hardware, many businesses are still unaware of how well such systems measure up against existing technology, in terms of performance.

By addressing just six of the most common concerns voiced by some organisations and individuals, we can highlight some of the benefits that many may not be aware of yet.

1. Cloud Contact Centres are Less Secure

The fact that all data is stored centrally – rather than in an organisation’s onsite server – means security is actually heightened.

With the agility to respond instantly to any security changes with greater resource and speed, breaches or compromises are much less likely with a cloud based system.

2. The Cost is Much Higher than Initially Appears

Typically, customers are only billed for what they use, meaning costs are much lower – especially with the added consideration that no on-site equipment maintenance costs are incurred.

3. Existing Equipment Invested in is Now Obsolete

Modern systems such as Cloud Contact Centre are perfectly capable of integrating with existing equipment, no need to worry about ripping out any expensive hardware.

4. Cloud Contact Centre Flexibility is Limited

In fact, cloud contact centres can be scaled up or down much more easily than physical on-site alternatives, with the capability for remote working and temporary usage licences.

This makes them perfect for businesses with operations that vary with seasonal or promotional demands.

5. Customisation is Limited

This flexibility actually makes customisation easier to achieve than ever before, allowing a consistent quality of customer service regardless of agent location and equipment.

6. Call Quality is Poorer

Thanks to the virtually unlimited capacity of cloud capability, it’s possible to ensure that no customer receives an engaged tone even at the busiest periods.

With agents able to login securely from any location with an internet connection, this means weather or travel restrictions shouldn’t provide any obstacle to agents delivering quality service to customers.

If you’ve any questions about the capabilities and key features of cloud contact centres, please contact us to speak to a member of our helpful team.

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