5 Tips To Reduce Call Centre Staff Costs

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A typical call centre has one core purpose – to generate or protect income. It may be an outbound sales team or an inbound customer support department, but the call centre is there to produce leads, close deals, and turn unhappy customers back into long-term paying clients.

This all means that any cost savings you can make can have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line – but they must not risk making your call centre less effective or efficient at the same time. Here are five ways to cut costs, without compromising on quality.

1. Predictive Dialling

A predictive dialler reduces the risk of misdialled numbers on outgoing calls, so that your workforce spend less time fixing their own errors, and can therefore work more efficiently.

With a predictive dialler, you can also allocate calls only when the receiver is picked up at the other end, meaning your staff don’t have to dial numbers or wait on a ringing telephone line at all.

2. Speech Analytics

During the calls themselves, speech analytics can automatically flag up when something appears to be going wrong, so that you can tackle the problem proactively.

Scan conversations for specific words and phrases, positive and negative language, or general emotional speech, and all of this data can be quantified to allow calls to be scored and ranked, highlighting examples of best practice.

3. Workforce Management

Workforce management is about using your people wisely – after all, your employees are a business asset just as much as any equipment or machinery you might have.

Effective workforce management means scheduling the right mix of people to be on site at any given time, so there are no skills gaps created by poor shift patterns, while the total number of people working is kept to a minimum so you are not paying out unnecessarily on labour costs.

4. Realtime Reporting

Don’t let delays in analysing data cause you to lose out on potential profits.

Realtime reporting means that you can see at a glance how well your call centre is performing, and take action where necessary to improve activity across the call centre, or provide individual support to the specific members of staff who need it.

5. Workflow Allocation

Workflow software complements workforce management systems, allowing the right tasks to be given to the right people, so that they are carried out to the highest possible standard.

This has the added advantage that your employees are always working on their area of expertise, and allocating them appropriate work in this way can send a clear message that you care about employee happiness just as much as customer satisfaction.