5 Reasons Why Contact Centres Are Crucial for Sales and Customer Experience

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These days, everything seems digital. From online contact forms, to live chat features, there are plenty of new media marketing channels designed to help companies sell their products and services, or indeed provide an unrivalled customer experience.

However, there’s still a lot to be said about the humble phone call. Indeed, the voice channel remains a crucial conduit for sales, service and customer engagement, despite what’s been a bit of a ‘digital explosion’ for companies worldwide. In fact, the myriad of online tools available has become so overwhelming, it’s actually pushing more and more consumers to pick up the phone.

Today, we’ve listed five reasons why voice calls will always be at the forefront of sales and customer service:

1. Consumers respond much better to human contact.

In the early days of eCommerce, many assumed that the convenience was going to decimate any other kinds of customer contact; namely, the voice call. What the naysayers didn’t bank on was the value that humans inherently put in person-to-person contact, particularly for sales.

Simply put, when there’s a human connection, there’s a lot more that can be sold, and these are the customers that are a lot more valuable to companies. So how is that proven?

2. Live calls convert to sales at a much higher rate than other advertising channels, including web advertising.

An article previously published in Business Week reported that around 20% of consumer-agent transactions that occur on the telephone result in a sale. At the same time, just 2-3% of consumers who click on an online ad continue to ‘sign up’ and complete the transaction. That’s a big difference – and one that all companies should take note of.

3. Looking to cross- or up-sell? Supercharge conversions with relevant products

When agents are able to base cross-selling and up-selling opportunities on relevant products over the phone, lead-to-sale conversions soar. This is especially true when customers are targeted at a ‘trigger moment’ in their lives, for example when moving house. In this instance, customers might be on the phone to arrange home insurance, but could also be interested in a residential security system, in switching utilities provider or even in a new broadband subscription.

4. You get greater customer insight from live one-to-one conversations

Thanks to the personal element of human interaction, agents are able to gain much more in-depth insights to customers’ desires and motivations. Building a rapport, plus the natural ‘give and take’ exchange of conversation simply can’t be matched with an online purchase. Call us traditionalists, but this is the reason why so many people will always prefer to do business over the phone.

5. Pay-per-call campaigns are often the most cost-effective option

If you’re looking for a campaign that will keep the costs down, pay-per-call is often the most suitable option. These campaigns are usually performance-based, which allows advertisers to pay only for calls they receive or those that result in a sale.

Furthermore, customers who respond to pay-per-call ads and dial the unique numbers are of high value to advertisers, since they have already shown intent. These are genuinely interested, potential consumers – all your agents need to do now is convert them from a warm lead, into a paying customer.

With the onset of mobile and digital marketing, companies are continuing to invest heavily in their contact centres and finding ways to evolve the voice channel to meet the needs of today’s marketplace. To find out how we can help optimise your contact centre, get in touch with Daviker today.