5 Common Call Centre Problems and How to Overcome Them

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The best way to increase call centre efficiency is to identify your problem areas, and then work out the best ways to right those wrongs.

In doing so, you may not only increase call centre productivity; you could also improve customer satisfaction rates, and even make your employees happier in the process.

Here are five of the most common call centre problems, and how you can fix them as part of your efforts to increase call centre efficiency.

1. Wrong Numbers

 Manual dialling has the potential for human error, and when you are making hundreds of calls a day, even a small error rate can lead to a lot of misdirected calls.

Automated call centre diallers can help to reduce this problem, and even eliminate it completely if your client records are maintained properly.

That means you can rest assured that when your prospect answers the phone and you ask for them by name, you should have a much greater chance of reaching the individual you really want to speak to.

 2. Silent Calls

 Silent calls are usually an indication that something has gone wrong with your call centre software, and the connection has been misrouted.

This is simply a case of choosing the right call centre software – opt for a solution that puts compliance at its core, and silent calls should quickly become a thing of the past.

 3. Stressed Staff

 Stress in the voices of your call handlers can put customers on edge too, so keep your employees happy and you should increase call centre productivity naturally.

Voice monitoring software is a good way to do this, as it can flag up impassioned speech patterns for further investigation.

Speech monitoring software can also detect positive and negative language, allowing you to identify which of your call handlers are portraying your company in the most positive light, and provide extra support to those who are not sounding so optimistic.

 4. Ring Ring…

 Stand in your call centre and listen: how many voices do you hear? It’s a simple rule of thumb that, if you can’t hear an employee’s voice, they’re not selling right now, so keep them talking and you can increase call centre productivity by a directly equivalent proportion.

One easy way to do this is with call centre software that only routes the call to a human handler when the receiver is picked up, removing delays between dialling and waiting for an answer.

 5. Right On Time

 Finally, you can increase call centre efficiency simply by calling your customers when they want to be called; make use of scheduling software so that callbacks are made on time, ideally by the same individual.

It’s a simple step that shows you are listening to your customers if they say they are too busy right now, but would be happy to speak later – and calling them at their preferred time increases the chance of a positive response, too.