10 Steps To Strategic Workforce Planning

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What is Strategic Workforce Planning? There’s an easy answer, and a more complex one.

The easy answer is, Strategic Workforce Planning is all about planning ahead so that your workforce is optimised – the people with the right skills are available when you need them, but your total costs are kept as low as possible.

Here are 10 steps towards that when taken together, make up the more complicated answer…

1. You (Don’t) Do the Math

First and foremost, Strategic Workforce Planning takes you out of the equation, instead using sophisticated systems to monitor your employee patterns and predict your total workforce needs more accurately for the future.

2. You’ve Got Skills

Certain individuals are ‘standouts’ from the crowd, due to special skills, knowledge and experience – Strategic Workforce Planning makes sure the right number of experts are on-site at any one time.

3. Give Us a Break

Staff are entitled to annual leave – but individuals have to book this in advance. Strategic Workforce Planning looks ahead to see how many people are taking holidays, and rotas on additional staff from elsewhere to cover any shortfall.

4. Going AWOL

Any other absences that were not anticipated – due to sickness or commuter problems, for instance – pose an additional threat to your staffing levels, which can be modelled, forecasted, and adjusted for.

5. What If?

The software not only works towards an ideal scenario – it can also tell you what that scenario is, allowing you to see the maximum potential of your workforce, as well as how investment in particular areas could raise the bar further.

6. Cost Control

Of course, cost control is an important factor in all of this; and Strategic Workforce Planning gives you the ability to look ahead and estimate the total cost of running any particular shift with a good degree of accuracy.

7. Total Compliance

Comply with… well, everything, from working time directives to sector-specific legislation, to data protection laws, with continual updates to the platform itself to ensure it does not fall behind where legal issues are concerned.

8. Ease the Burden

Admin is a pain – there’s no point in denying it – but by automating staffing processes, you make them easier to deal with, more accurate, and much faster too, taking some of the weight off of the shoulders of you and your managers.

9. Spread the Word

Once you’ve generated a forecast or report, you can send it to everyone who ‘needs to know’ instantly, with just the click of a button to distribute it via email, or by SMS to mobile workers.

10. Everything At Once

Best of all, Strategic Workforce Planning does all of these things together, with high accuracy and a minimum of admin and delays, making it a powerful tool for any business.