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Daviker. Solutions To Rely On.

Daviker specialise in delivering business solutions to contact centres in the UK and around the globe and have years of proven results in increasing productivity, reducing costs and keeping contact centres compliant.

Contact Centre Solutions.

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Predictive Diallers.

The complete outbound dialler and contact centre solution.

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Workforce Management.

Reduce staff costs by a staggering 30% whilst still meeting SLA’s.

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Speech Analytics.

Increase performance and compliance.

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Workflow Solutions.

Increases productivity, compliance and visibility.

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Telecoms Services.

High quality and cost-effective telecoms services.

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Solutions Overview.

Delivering world class solutions is central to everything we do.

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Daviker Solutions.
Daviker Overview Film

Our overview film is a brief introduction into Daviker and how we have grown over the past 20 years into an international company based in the UK.

Other Films
Predictive Dialler
Predictive Diallers

Our dialler solutions is all you need for your outbound contact centre in one solution. It increases talk time and overall performance.

Workforce Management

Daviker Workforce Management looks at all the different interactions within your business and using statistical analysis makes sure that you have the right staff in place.

Speech Analytics
Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to automatically identify what is and what isn’t being said on all your calls 24/7/365.

Workflow Solutions

Totalworkflow is a workflow and case management system that increases productivity, compliance and visibility throughout the business.

Customers & Friends.

"The TouchStar system has enabled us to deal with thousands of leads per day"

Peter Gates - Sales Manager, Grove & Dean
General Dynamics
Van Compare
Commercial Power
Marston Group
Advantis Credit

"TouchStar was everything I expected from a dialler and more." 

Andrew Brown - IT Director, AA Warranty

"TouchStar had everything we needed. We were astounded by the range of utilities."

Wendy Mewis - Network Administrator, IMSM
Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre

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Workflow Case Management

Workflow & Case Management.

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Cloud Solutions


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Agent Advice: Helping Your Team Deal with ‘Angry Customers’ -

Many contact centre staff will tell you that the patience of a saint certainly comes in handy when working in this industry. Learning how to handle disgruntled customers takes not only patience but time and skill too; it’s a necessity as customers will frequently express their frustration by aiming their complaints at staff members.

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Every Cloud Has a Digital Lining: Daviker Secures G-Cloud 8 Agreement -

We’re delighted to announce that Daviker has recently been awarded an agreement to supply to the public sector. This will be under the G-Cloud 8 framework. What Is G-Cloud 8? G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at public-sector bodies in departments of the UK Government of commodity IT services; particularly bodies that use various cloud computing software. The initiative consists of a […]

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Good News for Global Speech Analytics Market: Forecast to Reach 1.6 Billion USD! -

The speech analytics market has hit global headlines this month, as research into its growth has been released by multinational market research firm, MarketsandMarkets. Figures indicate that the speech analytics market is estimated to grow from USD 589.1 million in 2015 to USD 1.60 billion by 2020. This represents an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate […]

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DDC Outsourcing -

DDC Outsourcing Solutions has been developing and delivering critical information management and BPO solutions since 1987. Services include digital mailroom solutions, customer acquisition, multimedia response handling and accounts payable processing, as well as document scanning, data capture and many more.

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