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Our workflow software will make your business more efficient and profitable.

TotalWorkFlow will revolutionise the way work progresses throughout your entire organisation; streamlining processes, identifying priorities, removing bottlenecks, reducing errors and increasing completions. TotalWorkFlow is a workflow and case management solution that increases productivity, compliance and visibility – very simply it Makes.Work.Flow.

Our TotalWorkFlow workflow software delivers the right tasks to the right people at the right time, allowing you to deliver your perfect processes time and time again. It achieves this by breaking large complex processes into small manageable tasks, automating and driving these tasks through the business until completion.

  • Productivity
  • Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Customisable

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Right Task. Right People. Right Way.


TotalWorkFlow increases productivity throughout your entire organisation, where some solutions hold information, TotalWorkFlow drives action. Our customers have seen productivity increases of over 30% when comparing TotalWorkFlow to their previous workflow solutions. TotalWorkFlow maps and then delivers your perfect processes, increasing efficiency of manual tasks and completely removing some workload from users with Background Process Execution.


All tasks and work in progress can easily be seen within TotalWorkFlow allowing management to see throughput and workload for all individuals, departments and the company as a whole. Other information such as departmental bottle necks and completion forecasts provides management with valuable information.


TotalWorkFlow significantly increases compliance by creating a full audit trail for every case, project, task and user. TotalWorkFlow ensures your processes are repeatable, auditable and delivered as per your compliance obligations.


TotalWorkFlow is a solution for your business, not businesses like yours. With TotalWorkFlow you can easily create your own user screens, workflows, letters and processes making sure TotalWorkFlow perfectly fits your business. TotalWorkFlow is easy to modify as and when processes and requirements change.

Key Features:

  • Fast to install, easy to use – see benefits immediately.
  • Easily built (customisable workflows specifically for your business).
  • Quickly create customised end user screens to ensure you collect the information you need.
  • Build end user screens which validate the data collected and adapt immediately, based on user input.
  • Easily update and amend workflows and user screens when business needs change.
  • Project and task dashboard – see exactly what work is in progress and who is doing it.
  • Automatic task distribution – move tasks between people and departments based on preconfigured rules and timescales.
  • Granular reporting across all projects, cases, tasks, users and workflows.
  • Full audit trail to assist regulatory compliance.
  • Fully encrypted database to guarantee data security.
  • Automatic email, letter and SMS generation.
  • Priorities, alerts and notifications – identify key tasks for completion to users.
  • Document archiving – store all documents electronically for rapid information access.
  • Complete client view – see the history of all correspondence, emails, notes and phone calls in one place.
  • PCI compliant payment processing.
  • Postcode look-up reducing data errors.
  • Dialler and PBX integration.
  • Open access database structure to enable integration with other systems.
  • Continual free of charge upgrades to keep TotalWorkFlow compliant and cutting edge.

Who will use TotalWorkFlow?

IT Director

Loves the fact she can manage her own system, create her own campaigns and build her own scripts & reports.

Admin Manager

Finds it easy to see what is going through his department on a daily basis and can identify underperforming staff.

Finance Director

Can see huge increases in productivity with a very short return on investment.

Managing Director

Has total visibility giving her confidence that her business is running efficiently and with her trusted repeatable processes.


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