How the TouchStar Predictive Dialler Can Help Your Contact Centre

What is it? The Touchstar Predictive Dialler is an end-to-end outbound dialler and full service contact centre solution, providing all the features you need to operate a successful and profitable call centre. The Predictive Dialler automates the dialling process – meaning your operators no longer have to wait for the phone to be answered, or […]

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Daviker Speech Analytics keeps complaints under control

Daviker Speech Analytics monitors every call your contact centre makes or receives, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and flags up those that contain certain trigger words or phrases of interest to your Quality Control department. This gives you round-the-clock real-time monitoring of every customer interaction, from selling new contracts and upgrades, to […]

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Workforce management unlocks the power of your people

The money you spend on your employees is likely to be one of the biggest overall expenses your business faces, so it’s important to get maximum return on investment out of those man hours. Making the best use of your employees isn’t just good for your bottom line; it can also be good for morale, […]

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Telephony ISDN vs SIP lines

ISDN and SIP lines are two of the main telephony options for businesses of all sizes, and each offers its own advantages – so which is right for you? First of all, it’s worth defining the terms, beginning with the older protocol, ISDN. The Integrated Services Digital Network was the go-to option for business use […]

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5 Reasons Why Contact Centres Are Crucial for Sales and Customer Experience

These days, everything seems digital. From online contact forms, to live chat features, there are plenty of new media marketing channels designed to help companies sell their products and services, or indeed provide an unrivalled customer experience. However, there’s still a lot to be said about the humble phone call. Indeed, the voice channel remains […]

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What a Dialler Actually Is and Why Your Contact Centre Needs One

Contact centre managers are always looking for ways to improve their operation. A predictive dialler does so by automating the dialling process, meaning your call centre operators do not have to sit waiting for the phone to be answered, to go to voicemail, or to ring off completely, which means they can spend more time […]

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Contact centre training

Contact Centre Training: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  In our last post, we talked about ways to improve your contact centre’s customer experience. But, a great strategy is only ever as good as the staff that implement it. Today we’re discussing how crucial it is to invest in the correct training for your teams and individual agents, so that your customer service […]

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Improve Customer Experience

Quick Ways to Improve the Customer Experience of Your Contact Centre

  How is the customer experience of your contact centre? When was the last time you considered your contact centre’s customer experience? If callers are hanging up more than they’re holding on, it’s probably time to rethink a few things. If your agents seem overloaded, or you’re struggling to keep track of various queries or […]

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Touchstar Dialler technology

How Does TouchStar Dialler Technology Actually Work?

Success, Efficiency and Profit Contact centre managers are constantly looking for ways to operate highly successful, efficient and profitable contact strategies. If you fall into this camp, you might want to consider utilising TouchStar Dialler technology. Today we’re explaining how it works, and how you can use it to increase talk time, data utilisation and […]

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Workforce management

Solving 3 Call Centre Challenges with Workforce Management

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll be aware that the contact centre can be a very tough working environment indeed. As challenging and mercurial as it is marvellously enjoyable, contact centre managers do have an arsenal of software-based tools to help ease the pressures of the job. Arming yourself with workforce management can alleviate […]

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